The Probation Paradox (Part Two)

By: Jeff Krantz No one seemed enthusiastic to have me receive a custodial sentence. The prosecution put up a half hearted, pro forma argument for why they believed justice would be served in my spending at least a minimum of time within a low security federal prison. In the end they raised no objection to … Read more

The Probation Paradox (Part One)

By: Jeff Krantz It will be on the short list of things your mind will immediately focus on once the federal prosecutors inform you that they intend to charge you. “How do I stay out of prison?” Deferred prosecution having been removed from the table; probation now becomes the golden ticket. At this point, if … Read more

Rewriting The Sentence II Summit

rewriting the sentence sentence summit

The two-day conference ‘Rewriting the Sentence II Summit on Alternatives to Incarceration’ held in the Dorothy Betts Pavilion on the campus of George Washington University, presented a cross section of significant names with a stake in reforming sentencing within the American Justice System. I rushed into the pavilion five minutes ahead of the start of … Read more