Rewriting The Sentence II Summit

rewriting the sentence sentence summit

The two-day conference ‘Rewriting the Sentence II Summit on Alternatives to Incarceration’ held in the Dorothy Betts Pavilion on the campus of George Washington University, presented a cross section of significant names with a stake in reforming sentencing within the American Justice System. I rushed into the pavilion five minutes ahead of the start of … Read more

My First Day at Alderson FPC

This is based on my experience reporting to the Alderson, WV Camp during Covid. Other self-surrender experiences may differ. I knew my first day would be very stressful due to all the unknowns, so I arrived early. When I arrived at the gate, there was a phone on the wall with instructions to dial for … Read more

Tuesday Speaker Series: Prof. Doug Berman, Sentencing Law & Policy Expert

We were honored to have Doug Berman as the October speaker in our White Collar Support Group Tuesday Speaker Series.  Among other important topics, Prof. Berman discussed the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s recent sentencing guidelines revisions for certain first time offenses including a two-point reduction, noncustodial sentences and retroactivity. And there was an extensive Q&A! Professor … Read more

Tuesday Speaker Series: REMISSION NOW “Fairness in Restitution” Town Hall

To Register:…/tJIlcu6hrjIuEtc4CSBIG_WenyN5bgnR3krp From Fellow Traveler Tanya Pierce: “In 2022, The Ladies of Hope Ministries launched the #REMISSIONNOW campaign ( We held a lunch and learning session with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the U.S. Pardon Attorney to raise awareness about the impact of restitution, share how restitution for many is a “life sentence,” and advocate … Read more

Tuesday Speaker Series: Glenn E. Martin, Entrepreneur, Activist & Founder/ Former CEO of JustLeadershipUSA

White Collar Week Tuesday Speaker Series: Glenn E. Martin, Entrepreneur, Activist & Founder of JustLeadershipUSA, GEMtrainers and GEMrealestate, on Zoom, Sept. 12, 2023 We were honored to have Glenn E. Martin as the September speaker in our White Collar Support Group Tuesday Speaker Series. Open to all! Information about our White Collar Support Group: For … Read more

Center for Justice & Human Dignity Rewriting the Sentence Summit II on Alternatives to Incarceration

Our friend and White Collar Week podcast guest Christopher Poulos, Executive Director of Center for Justice and Human Dignity , has organized this important conference. It is especially on-point for Fellow Travelers and all members of the white collar justice community. We will be sending a contingent and hope to see you there! “Join us on October 16-17, … Read more

American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section Fall Institute, Washington, DC, Open to All

Please join us for the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Fall Institute on Friday, November 3, 2023 at the Madison Hotel, 1177 15th Street, Washington, DC. Last year, 15 Fellow Travelers attended this conference together and then we all went out to Carmine’s Italian Restaurant for an evening of camaraderie, stories, laughter – and great … Read more

Podcast: Jeff Grant on the Beyond the Balance Sheet Podcast, “From Prison to Promise – A Lawyer’s Story”

Please check out my interview on Beyond The Balance Sheet with hosts, Diana Clark & Arden O’Connor of the O’Connor Professional Group – Behavioral Health Navigation. The podcast discusses the important mix of legal and psychological training advisors need to serve their clients best. Link:…/from-prison-to-promise-a…/ “Jeff Grant possesses an intriguing narrative that he candidly recounts. … Read more

Jeff Grant has been Appointed Co-Chair, American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section Reentry & Collateral Consequences Committee

The American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section has announced the appointment of Jeff Grant as Co-Chair of the Reentry & Collateral Consequences Committee. Jeff Grant brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to criminal justice reform to his new position as Co-Chair. He has consistently demonstrated a dedication to addressing the challenges individuals … Read more