What is a Prisonist?


(Priz un ists): WE who have walked the pathway of miscalculation and despair…and who came out the other side better and more capable people because of our missed-steps.


To understand OUR work, first you must grasp that we here who serve in this ministry have fallen.

WE, the people behind the scenes toppled our lives. Head-over-tea-kettle. We made poor and many times disruptive decisions that brought chaos and much suffering into many peoples’ lives.


WE decided to end the poor decision making. We chose—consciously and deliberately—to accept full and honorable responsibility for the mistakes we made.


The acceptance of OUR poor decisions meant we could no longer dodge the truth. The acceptance of OUR past decisions meant that current and future decisions had to be 100 % right. 100 % right and accurate and completely accountable.


OUR vision to help people passing through the darkest days and moments of their lives to come to grips with the full-spectrum of the events that they are now facing. WE walk others through the now-well-defined processes of:

  • History: deconstructing what events and decisions brought us to this place of present crisis.

  • Decision: hammer out the hard and difficult decisions of what steps to take to both manage and then move through the current crisis.

  • Accept: to build reality…not some fake and half-baked fantasy of what ‘might happen’…but a real and honest and full grasp of what issues we are now staring down.

  • Professional Support: the determination to find and harness and secure the right Team of professionals that have their very best interest in mind.

  • Strength for the Journey: to bring us to the place where we develop the core, inner-strength and deep-personal-resolve to stay the course.

Community of Fellow Travelers:

WE are a collective of men and women who now bear the earned-title of: “Prisonists.” TOGETHER, we stand by each other. TOGETHER, have found freedom from the bondage of self.

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