When Men Cry…

By Steve Bonenberger – Guest Blogger & Member of Our White-Collar Support Group

The Movement of Tears: Or, the Moment Relief Finds You.

There is this moment. 

There is this second. 

There is this snap of time when tears just explode into your life. 

For men, it’s a bit awkward.

For we have been taught that tears equate to weakness.

But, I want you to know that men do cry.

Men most certainly sob.

And men—all men—know what it is like—and have a deep memory—of the times when tears grabbed them.

The Grab of Tears is a freeing experience.

All at once, out of nowhere, tears seize you up.

You cry.

You sob.

You bellyache. 

You find yourself in this non-dismal place of pure release. 

Tears for men generally signal a boiling point.

When men cry, very often this means that something very unsound is happening in their world. 

When men cry, quite naturally they find themselves facing confrontations that seem unsolvable.

When men cry, some un-scalable wall stands in front of them. 

When men cry, assume they feel boxed in and out of answers.

When men cry, their emotional leak points to deep, internal troubled waters.

Cherish This Day!

Steve Bonenberger is an author, writer, novelist, human improvement expert and public advocate for those who have fallen deep into the pits of personal despair. He comes to his enlightenment through decades of intense personal study and mountains of personal struggle. Steve Bonenberger spent 17 months of his life in a federal prison camp for past transgressions – he is a member of our online white-collar/nonviolent support group that meets on Monday evenings. He invites his readers to embrace their personal follies with Grace and a look to walking towards new and limitless horizons. Steve can be reached at:: steve@thoughtpros.com. www.thoughtpros.com

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