What is CETTUS?

Rev. Jeff Grant, J.D., M.Div., Co-founder/Minister, Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc., Greenwich CT & Nationwide. 203-405-6249, jgrant@prisonist.org, Mailing: PO Box 1, Woodbury, CT 06798


The Center for Ethical Training and Transformation – U.S. (CETTUS)

“The World’s First Ethics Rehab”

Building on Progressive Prison Ministries’ success in direct support, we have founded the Center for Ethical Training and Transformation – U.S. (CETTUS), a social innovation[1] that structures our ability to address those issues which bring about destructive actions, attitudes, and beliefs. In this 90-day program (with aftercare when appropriate) we focus on addressing the thought processes, ethical vacuities, values and belief systems rather than treating the symptoms.

The program has two (2) goals:

Treat the individual and family for their faulty belief patterns, behavioral issues, and disorders which contributed to the violation of law. The ultimate goal is always the treatment of the individual to achieve restoration of him/her to family, community, and the professional environment.
To allow the adjudicatory body insight into the client, through which context can be matched to the nature of the offenses. To be ethical and effective in our treatment of the client, we adhere to a program of restoration which is tailored to the needs of the individual.

As we grow and can provide large-group studies incorporating measurable outcomes, we believe that the judicial system will recognize CETTUS as a viable diversion program as an alternative to incarceration.

CETTUS programs are intended for any person with white collar justice/economy exiled issues who is in search of a rehabilitative program that will assist him/her in adjusting to the new circumstances of life.

[1] From James A. Phills Jr., Kriss Deiglmeier, & Dale T. Miller: Fall 2008, Rediscovering Social Innovation, in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. “We contend that social innovation is the best construct for understanding—and producing—lasting social change. In order to gain more precision and insight, we redefine social innovation to mean: A novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals”

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