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The Center for Ethical Training and Transformation – U.S. (CETTUS)

“The World’s First Ethics Rehab”

We at Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. (PPM) recognize that life often presents us with circumstances which lead us to make mistakes in offense of the law.  Regardless of wealth and poverty, position or standing, each of us struggle with the human condition.  It is our belief that at the core of erroneous judgment and decision making, are underlying conditions and disorders that are not only treatable in a rehabilitative setting, but that such treatment can create restoration and actualization.  PPM’s Center for Ethical Training and Transformation – U.S. (CETTUS) is meant to address those issues which bring about destructive actions, attitudes, and beliefs.  We focus on addressing the thought processes, ethical vacuities and ambiguities, values and belief systems rather than treating the symptoms. 

The goal of Ethical Training and Transformation is not any degree of manipulation or mitigation of the criminal justice system.  It is, however, meant to accomplish two (2) goals:

A. Treat the individual and family of the faulty belief patterns, behavioral issues, and disorders which contributed to the violation of law.  The ultimate goal is always the treatment of the individual for the restoration of the individual to family, community, and the professional environment.

B.  To allow the adjudicatory body insight into the client, through which context can be mated to the nature of the offenses.

To be ethical and effective in our treatment of the client, we adhere to a program of restoration which is tailored to the needs of the individual.  We are not a clinical program as is understood by psychologist and the medical community; rather we are a group of ordained clergy, and individuals under the direction of ordained clergy, who focus on compassion and empathy through our shared experiences and have found a solution to our common unethical choices.  No two program plans are alike, but all are predicated on core curative approaches set forth at our Programs page, link.

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“Jeff is a true inspiration to anyone coming home from prison to face the many trials and tribulations that life throws at you.  I made a very bad choice in 2009 which led me to a federal indictment and 7 months in Danbury Federal Prison Camp for women and then three months in a halfway house.  I had gut wrenching guilt and remorse, and immersed myself in every program available in Danbury.  I was seeking self-awareness of who I was and why I veered off my path of good decision making.  It was not until I came home and met Jeff Grant that I truly started my journey to redemption and forgiveness.  His amazing attitude, coupled with immense experience, brought such clarity to my very foggy existence.  Jeff founded a White Collar Support Group and invited me to join in.  Finding that group was such a turning point for me as I was lost.  The group helped me with my immense feelings of guilt and how to overcome adversities that I never knew would exist for me.  I am grateful to Jeff and all the men and women in that group and feel so fortunate to know I am not alone in my journey.  Due to Jeff, I am able to give back to the women I now work with within the criminal justice system by utilizing my strengths, experience and educational background. “  – Jacqueline Polverari, MSW, Advocate Women’s Incarceration Issues, Connecticut

“Upon returning home from long-term incarceration I felt motivated to do the things necessary in order to bring some semblance of order back into my life.  But as equipped as I was, there were certain things that I couldn’t have anticipated or prepared for.  My emotional and mental health suffered from my inability to find someone – anyone – who understood.  I felt afraid and impotent.  But in my search for answers I came upon Jeff Grant.  After reading his story, I reached out to him and found a kind and compassionate ear.  He took the time to hear me out, listen to my fears, concerns, and hopes, and invited me to network with him and others in a way that helped me be conscious of the fact that my struggles are shared by others.  He helped me appreciate that I could contribute to others lives in a way that helped them, and that being of service would help me as well. I credit Jeff not merely with being a helping hand, but with being a clearing house of resources and knowledge that I couldn’t have hoped for.  He is attentive, humorous, giving of himself, and quick to work to develop meaningful solutions to problems that can have a lasting impact on the lives of the people around him.  I’m grateful to Jeff for his friendship, advice, and leadership; I encourage anyone dealing with any life transition – especially, but not only, where the criminal justice and correctional systems are at play – to reach out to Jeff to ask for help.” – Joshua C. Cagney, M.A., Virginia

“Shortly after my release in September 2015, I was guided to Jeff’s door by complete chance and little did I know that I had just hit the proverbial “reentry” lottery that would help shape and change my life. I asked for his guidance about how I could possibly return to society as a once respected trial lawyer who was now branded a convicted felon. After words of support, Jeff suggested that I join the White Collar Support Group which met each week via the Internet. Not sure that I could even log in, as I was still living in a halfway house. I managed to find a library or satellite to check in, and can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This support group has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts, concerns and emotional trauma with a compassionate and understanding group of people who all traveled a similar journey and who all have now become good friends. There is no question that those who have experienced the criminal justice system all face common problems, barriers and trauma as we begin our reintegration into society.  I am proud to say that I am associated with this fine group of people and hope and pray that some day we can share the lessons and benefits of the peer support and mentoring that has helped me to find my passion and purpose in life. Thank you!” – Jeffrey Abramowitz, Pennsylvania

“Jeff Grant is a man who says a resounding yes to hope and transformation.  He uses his superb skills of leadership and administration to make a better world.  From a very broken personal place, he has learned to become whole and to help others break through to places of compassion and enlightenment.  He is a man of ideals, spirituality, and very pragmatic and efficacious business skills.  He has an unsentimental empathy for people.  His an honest man and a very hard worker.” – Tim Askew, Founder, Corporate Rain International, Weekly Columnist, Inc. Magazine, New York

Link to additional “Testimonials” here.


Rev. Jeff Grant, J.D., M.Div., Co-Founder/Minister

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