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“Jeff is a true inspiration to anyone coming home from prison to face the many trials and tribulations that life throws at you.  I made a very bad choice in 2009 which led me to a federal indictment and 7 months in Danbury Federal Prison Camp for women and then three months in a halfway house.  I had gut wrenching guilt and remorse, and immersed myself in every program available in Danbury.  I was seeking self-awareness of who I was and why I veered off my path of good decision making.  It was not until I came home and met Jeff Grant that I truly started my journey to redemption and forgiveness.  His amazing attitude, coupled with immense experience, brought such clarity to my very foggy existence.  Jeff founded a White Collar Support Group and invited me to join in.  Finding that group was such a turning point for me as I was lost.  The group helped me with my immense feelings of guilt and how to overcome adversities that I never knew would exist for me.  I am grateful to Jeff and all the men and women in that group and feel so fortunate to know I am not alone in my journey.  Due to Jeff, I am able to give back to the women I now work with within the criminal justice system by utilizing my strengths, experience and educational background. “  – Jacqueline Polverari, MSW, Advocate Women’s Incarceration Issues, Connecticut

“Shortly after my release in September 2015, I was guided to Jeff’s door by complete chance and little did I know that I had just hit the proverbial “reentry” lottery that would help shape and change my life. I asked for his guidance about how I could possibly return to society as a once respected trial lawyer who was now branded a convicted felon. After words of support, Jeff suggested that I join the White Collar Support Group which met each week via the Internet. Not sure that I could even log in, as I was still living in a halfway house. I managed to find a library or satellite to check in, and can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This support group has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts, concerns and emotional trauma with a compassionate and understanding group of people who all traveled a similar journey and who all have now become good friends. There is no question that those who have experienced the criminal justice system all face common problems, barriers and trauma as we begin our reintegration into society.  I am proud to say that I am associated with this fine group of people and hope and pray that some day we can share the lessons and benefits of the peer support and mentoring that has helped me to find my passion and purpose in life. Thank you!” – Jeffrey Abramowitz, Pennsylvania

“I received an invitation from Jeff Grant of Progressive Prison Ministries in August 2016 to attend a White Collar Support Group meeting. I was reluctant and hesitant about accepting the invitation because I had my reservation about what this group was going to tell me about serving time in a Federal Prison and the challenges and difficulties post incarceration. Being a convicted felon, I have endured a multitude of challenges post incarceration. To be frank incarceration was the easy part and the biggest challenge was how I was going to reintegrate myself into society once I got home and how I was seen as “enriched uranium” by others. I left federal prison psychologically and emotionally broken, I was a wreck! I was released from federal prison in the summer of 2008 and it took me seven years to deal with the psychological carnage and to obtain inner peace. Looking back at this journey I wish that there would have been a White-Collar Support Group when I got out of prison and my pain curve would not have been so steep. Getting on Jeff’s call was a breath of fresh air as I was able to meet other men and women who had endured the shame and embarrassment of being a convicted felon. Jeff brings a spiritual component to his group which in my opinion is critical as it helps with the healing process. I applaud Jeff for creating this organization as it helps convicted felons who have been ostracized by society in providing ministerial counseling, empathy, compassion and support. I have met some incredible people in this group and I look forward to being an active participant for many years.” – Douglas Mairena, Virginia

“Jeff is my ombudsman – he has been a life saver for me!  I unfortunately found myself in “no man’s land” with a young, career oriented prosecutor, a notoriously tough Federal judge, and jaded, but well connected, criminal defense attorneys  My case, still ongoing after 3 years, is in a highly complex and technical area of unsettled law where no one seems to actually know (or worse, care) what the law actually is or means.   Jeff has been invaluable to me with striking the right balance of pushing my attorneys to do their job, understanding my case, and standing up for me – but not pushing too far and blowing up these delicate negotiations.  Jeff has also helped me cope with the broken “justice” system where extreme unfairness, brutality, and incompetence is a daily occurrence.  Furthermore, my legal problems have resulted in very complex tax issues.  Jeff went above and beyond by finding a possible solution that my expensive tax attorneys missed, but later agreed Jeff’s suggestion was a valid one.  My biggest regret is not working with Jeff sooner than I did – I may have not pled guilty if I was working with him from the start.  Bottom line – if you have any reservations regarding your attorneys and want an honest assessment from an extremely smart former attorney who really cares about you and isn’t in it just for the money, Jeff Grant has to be the best person in the country for you.  I can’t recommend him enough!” – Anonymous, Awaiting Sentencing, Colorado

“Jeff Grant is different.  He has a pragmatic, objective understanding of criminal justice issues, and more importantly, he is suffused with a spiritual understanding of the holistic emotional and values-driven issues that affect decision-making & healing through this journey.  I sincerely believe that if I had met Jeff early in my case – before I had moved past the point of no return – I would not have pled guilty, the government would not and could not have indicted me, and my life today would be completely different. Equally important, Jeff’s spiritual counsel has helped me re-orient the compass of my life, re-discover my principles and realize my own personal truth.  He wears many hats – he is a spiritual counselor, a life coach, a critical thinker (including about the roles of defense attorneys) and most important of all, is a friend.” – Anonymous, Awaiting Sentencing, Illinois

“Jeff Grant is a man who says a resounding yes to hope and transformation.  He uses his superb skills of leadership and administration to make a better world.  From a very broken personal place, he has learned to become whole and to help others break through to places of compassion and enlightenment.  He is a man of ideals, spirituality, and very pragmatic and efficacious business skills.  He has an unsentimental empathy for people.  His an honest man and a very hard worker.” – Tim Askew, Founder, Corporate Rain International, Weekly Columnist, Inc. Magazine, New York

“I have known & worked on several Committees with Jeff Grant for several years. He has shown himself by his actions to be a man of integrity & honor. His life is devoted to helping others by being an agent of change for Reentry people. As a valuable advisor to our company (Reentry Survivors LLC) we have survived & thrived under his wisdom. Thank you Jeff for stepping up to the plate & always being there when we need you.” – Barry Diamond, Executive Director, Reentry Survivors (P.R.I.D.E. Program), Connecticut

“Jeff was an instrumental leader of our Management Team [at Fresh Start Enterprises] who demonstrated an awesome ‘continuous improvement’ mindset with much success. Jeff was always flexible in working with our team as our schedules and situations varied vastly from one project to another.He was professional, kind, motivated and passionate about his work each and every day that I’ve worked with him. His skills and experiences that he brought to the table were invaluable. Jeff brought creative and innovative techniques to us, especially with regards to his approach on problem solving, marketing/sales strategies, and the accountability he held our team to. I can always remember Jeff bringing ‘inspiring project-presentations’ to our team meetings with his zesty white board and chart displays…I knew when I asked Jeff for support or advice in tricky situations, I would get the best possible assistance and leadership available.” – Walt Cichocki – Reentry Professional, Connecticut

“My agency was hired by Family ReEntry, where Jeff is the Executive Director. What started as a client relationship quickly became one of professional respect and personal friendship. It’s nearly impossible not to enjoy working with Jeff; his incredible knowledge, intellect and passion for his work is infectious. An incredibly hard worker, Jeff is an inspiration and amazing leader, particularly in the nonprofit sector where he flourishes right now. Its been an incredible experience to work with Jeff; we learn from each other everyday. I consider myself very fortunate to work with Jeff, and anyone who has the chance to know him and/or work with him, would feel the same.” – Greg Walsh, Owner, Walsh Public Relations, Connecticut

“It has been a pleasure to work for and alongside Jeff. His thought leadership and drive are matched only by his passion – clearly evidenced by a legacy of deep and wide relationships and ongoing commitment in criminal justice. I have personally viewed Jeff’s impact in that world, working together at increasing brand awareness both as his role as Executive Director of Family ReEntry and Prisonist.org, and through his developed programs, presentations, interviews, and public appearances.” – David Riss, Principal, Greyskye Marketing, Connecticut

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