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Rev. Jeff Grant, J.D., M.Div., Co-founder, Minister, Planning Group Member


Lynn Springer, Co-Founder, Innocent Spouses, Families & Children










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Bill Livolsi, Deputy Director,  Coaching, Planning Group Member

Bill has been a member of the Ministry’s White Collar Support Group since 2016. Bill and his wife (former) were prosecuted for a white collar crime from 2010 to 2015. Their two children together were 10 and 8 at the time of their sentencing. Bill served 13 months in federal prison and returned home in 2020. Bill is also a volunteer with Evolution Reentry Services and he is also their weekly online Family Support Group facilitator.

All though his journey Bill experienced first hand what a criminal prosecution and incarceration can do to a marriage, to children, and to mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. They are the collateral damage of the criminal justice system. Bill is able to give a unique perspective and support to others who are on this journey.

In 2021, Bill opened White Collar Coaching whose sole purpose is helping men and women facing prosecution and incarceration, including the return home. White Collar Coaching was founded on a simple, but powerful, premise: Using proven coaching techniques clients develop realistic and effective plans that address the issues specific to their unique situation, no matter the stage of their journey they are at (pre/post sentencing, while incarcerated, reentry).

You can reach out to Bill directly at .



Jeff Krantz, Operations, Support Group Relations, Planning Group Member



Craig Stanland, Leadership, Speaking, Coaching, Planning Group Member

In 2012, Craig Stanland made a choice that would cost him everything. After exploiting the warranty policy of one of the largest tech companies in the world for almost a year, the FBI finally knocked on his door.

He was arrested and sentenced to 2 years of Federal Prison, followed by 3 years of Supervised Release, and ordered to pay $834,307 in restitution. He lost his wife, his homes, his cars, his career, and even his identity. He wanted nothing more than to die.

A well-timed prison visit from his best friend of over thirty years turned his life around.

Today, Craig is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and Reinvention Architect. He works 1:1 with clients to empower them to break free from their self-imposed mental prisons so they can reinvent their lives with passion, purpose, fulfillment, and meaning.

His book, “Blank Canvas, How I Reinvented My Life After Prison” is available on Amazon.




Iyabo Onipede, J.D., M.Div., Spirituality, Life Coaching

As a Cultural Development Consultant and Leadership Development coach, Iyabo Onipede supports mission minded folks and organizations ready to create values-based identities and cultures that reflect inclusion, equity and justice in their processes, communications, products and leadership. From vocational discernment to intercultural development, creating social justice impact to cultivating a moral imagination in a world that values more output, less quality and stressful competition, Iyabo serves her clients in developing a peaceful and compassionate approach to creating profit while producing good at work and in the world.

A self-described “recovering attorney,” she attended Candler School of Theology (Emory University, Atlanta) after a 20-year legal career. She is a multicultural and multiracial global nomad and the founder of Leadership Matters, LLC. Her clients include individuals as well as higher education institutions, nonprofits, businesses, governmental entities.

Iyabo, a popular sought-after speaker, leads workshops and classes throughout out the United States and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her online home is


Joshua Cagney, M.A., Programs & Men’s Incarceration Issues

Joshua Cagney is the Chief Operating Officer, and one of the principals of New Paradigm Recovery, LLC.  New Paradigm Recovery is a dual diagnosis intensive outpatient program located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.  Additionally, he serves as a group facilitator for the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center in a pilot alcohol and substance use disorder therapeutic community program.

Mr. Cagney began a career in information technology over 20 years ago, which came to a halt in late 2003.  A tragic turn of events came as the result of his lifestyle choices; the effects of which were profound and far-reaching.  In an effort to bring some semblance of reason to this twist of life, he undertook a change in direction and has followed that altered course ever since.

Joshua holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Law from Ohio University.  He also holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where he has completed post-graduate work in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Joshua has been employed as a graduate assistant and adjunct instructor in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program at The Chicago School.  In addition, he has worked as a Behavioral Therapist with juveniles diagnosed with developmental disabilities and traumatic abuse histories, and as a not-for-profit Program Director in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.  He is a past council member for the Loudoun Re-entry and Advisory Council, which provides advice and support on offender reentry issues. 

Outside of his professional work, Mr. Cagney serves as a volunteer speaker for Mothers Against Drunk Driving of Northern Virginia and of Washington, D.C., Loudoun Community Corrections.  He is regularly invited to speak on topics ranging from the collateral consequences of criminal sentencing to the responsibilities associated with the use of alcohol and narcotics.  Audiences include the Washington Redskins, the United States Army, students at James Madison University and local public and private schools, among other venues. 

He resides in Loudoun County, Virginia with his wife, Nicole, and step daughters, Morgan and MacKenzie.


Jacqueline Polverari, MBA, MSW, Women’s Incarceration Issues

Jacqueline Polverari was a Social Worker for over 10 years and a partner in a large Title Company for over 15 years.  As an entrepreneur, Jacqueline had reached new limits of her career as an experienced professional with proven success in business and mentoring environments when a series of poor choices led her to a federal indictment and a sentence of almost a year in Danbury Federal Prison Camp for Women.

During her incarceration, Jacqueline dedicated all her time in helping other women who also found themselves in despair by making poor choices.  She helped to improve federal prison programs offered by teaching education classes, including accounting and GED Preparation to help with the reentry of women into the workforce after incarceration.  She successfully completed an intense program entitled GOGI, “Getting out by Going In” as well as completing Dave Ramsey’s money-management course “Financial Peace University”.  She found nurturing through a Bible Study Course studying the Women of the Bible along with her weekly participation in an Emmaus group which gave women the opportunity to share each other’s stories and explore their own spirituality and relationship with God.

After her release, Jacqueline entered a new phase of her life researching in depth about Mental Health, Crime and Criminal Justice while correlating it to reentry services.  This clearly grew into her passion after she had faced the many challenges of reentry.  It is clear to her that there is a lack of resources for reentry and there is a need for change.  She is working and advocating to be part of a change to come by dedicating herself to help fix this broken criminal justice system. 

Jacqueline is currently an integral part in helping women prepare for entry and reentry of the Federal Prison System both psychologically and spiritually through mental health services and education of the system.  She has founded Evolution Family Reentry Services and is currently building resources by establishing nurturing partnerships with professionals in the mental health fields as well as employers and career placement agencies to help women and their families who face career barriers as they re-enter into society. 

Jacqueline is a member of JustLeadershipUSA which is dedicated to cutting the U.S. correctional population in half by 2030.  She is also a member of The National Council for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls with a mission to end incarceration of women and girls. Jacqueline is also currently working with The Council of State Governments Justice Center to bring Judicial Work training to Connecticut. 

She is an advocate for women’s incarceration issues by speaking at Women’s workshops and symposiums throughout the country.  She also is an advocate for FAMM, helping to spread the word to create a more fair and effective justice system that respects our American values of individual accountability and dignity while keeping our communities safe.

Jacqueline is working diligently to continue to work on herself as she has returned to school to obtain her Doctoral Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Criminal Justice.  She continues to speak at Women’s workshops and symposiums throughout the country and has been a featured guest on Criminal Justice Insider w/ Babz Rawls Ivy & Jeff Grant – The Voice of Connecticut Criminal Justice.  Most recently, Jacqueline was the keynote speaker at The Women in Mental Health Conference educating women in the mental health field covering system-level mental health strategies to maximize outcomes for women in the criminal justice system and ensure the sustainability of gender-responsive services.



Tom Hardin, Advocacy

Tom Hardin previously spent much of his career working as an investment analyst in the hedge fund industry. In 2008, as part of a cooperation agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, Tom assisted the U.S. government in understanding how insider trading occurred in the investment management industry. Known as “Tipper X,” Tom became one of the most prolific informants in securities fraud history, helping to build over 20 of the 80+ individual criminal cases in “Operation Perfect Hedge,” a Wall Street house cleaning campaign that morphed into the largest insider trading investigation of a generation. Since resolving his case in 2015, Tom was invited by FBI-NYC to speak to their rookie agent class in 2016 and is now a corporate trainer and recognized global keynote speaker on white-collar crime, fraud, human risk and behavioral ethics from his former front line perspective.  He holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Seth Williams, J.D., Advocacy

Seth Williams is looking for new opportunities in criminal justice reform, crime prevention, recidivism reduction, reentry, teaching, and workforce readiness.

An accomplished leader and strategic visionary who identifies opportunities for program, productivity, performance, training, and educational improvement. Excellent interpersonal, research, analytic, planning, and implementation skills. Strong ability to relate to a wide variety of people and to develop effective strategic plans that produce results. Proud father, Army Vet, gym rat, avid saxophonist, recently re-committed Christian. With a singularly unique perspective of the criminal justice system as a former District Attorney, criminal defense attorney, and federal inmate. Finally living a life of authenticity! LinkedIn, 



Rev. Fr. Joseph Ciccone, Ed.D., M.Div., Supervising Minister, Religion, Spirituality









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