On Human Derailment…

By Steve Bonenberger, Guest Blogger &

Member of Our Online White-Collar Support Group

Today’s Topic: Living with Human Derailment.
Imagine you are driving along on a sun-swept road. There are no potholes. There are no other cars. There are no stop signs. Just open road.
You have a full tank of gas. Your engine hums along. The radio soothes you with quiet tunes that suit your mood. When out of nowhere…and I mean nowhere…WHAM!!! You strike a pylon.
A pylon that appeared to be a part of the road itself. A pylon that should not have been in this place at this time. A pylon that hurls your car into a cartwheeling and careening mass of tumbling steel. Tumbling steel that triggers massive and unexpected injuries.
When your car stops its Ferris Wheel, you sit for a few moments. You assess your personal damage. You exit the car. You look at the crumpled steel. You try and regain your bearings.
Living With Human Derailment:
While the above scene seems unlikely, as we all know, life is like that. You are spooling along. Your days are filled with mirth and a sense of predictive care. Your relationships and reputation are intact and seemingly bullet-proof.
Then, the pylon appears. And out of nowhere, and in an instant or two, your life is dramatically altered. Sometimes the alteration is for a season. Many times, the alteration is life-long. What to do when the pylon appears…that is the question. Or, how do you live with human derailment?
* Indignity: where before dignity and its cousin of honor were your companions, get used to dealing with indignation. Become accustomed to people judging you…and casting lots of aspersions. Count on it: indignity is your new friend.
* Insolvency: where before cash-flow and positive economic outcomes were once the adornments on your life’s pastries, cast these aside now. For you are going to know economic hardship.
* Inconsistencies: where before you could rely upon certain things in your life, now, bob-and-weave are your defense mechanisms.
* Immobilization: where before you could adjust easily and make sharp-turns on the fly, now, you find yourself almost catatonic. Agility and nimbleness are no longer your strong suits.
You get the picture. “Human Derailment” upends casualness. “Human Derailment” engages the callous–haters–in this world. “Human Derailment” is 100 % real and noticeable.
For those of you living the upended and suspended life, remember: you are strong. You are powerful. You are capable. And you will make it!
Cherish This Day!
Steve Bonenberger is a member of our online white-collar/nonviolent support group that meets on Monday evenings, 7 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific.  For more information, click here.