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Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. 

Jeff Grant, JD, M Div, Director, Lynn Springer, Founding Advocate

September 2016 Newsletter

Faith & Dignity for the Days Ahead  


The first ministry in the United States created to provide confidential  

support and counseling to individuals, families and organizations with  

white-collar and other nonviolent incarceration issues    


Significant Outcomes: Since Jan. 2015, We have Served Over 90 Individuals and 35 Families in 25 States:  


Since Jan. 2015, we have served individuals and families in twenty-five states, including:     

Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

We typically communicate with individuals and families before, during and upon reentry from prison in person or by phone, email, Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting or, if in a Federal prison, via CorrLinks. Please click image for our information package. 


News: We Have Started A Confidential White-Collar/Nonviolent
Online Support Group –  
the first in the country

If you have been convicted of a white-collar or nonviolent crime and have served your sentence, please consider joining our confidential online white-collar/nonviolent support group. We hold our weekly group meeting on Tuesdays, 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5 pm Pacific. For more information please click image. 



Guest Blog: White-Collar Woman’s Story: Surviving Danbury FCI,by Jacqueline Polverari   


“I am now branded with a scarlet “F” on my back as I am a felon.  I can never go back to my old life-style.  In an electronic world of the internet, I can never get away from this crime.  So I have decided to embrace who I am and let the world know that I am here and I will make a difference.” Click image to read Jackie’s story. 




Video: Jeff’s Main-Stage Presentation At The Nantucket Project  


Way different than your average TED-talk! Jeff shared his alcoholism/ drug addiction/ white-collar crime/ redemption story at The Nantucket Project, a conference founded to exchange challenging ideas, build strong relationships and share ground-breaking insights that build a better tomorrow and unlock the power of human potential.  Fellow speakers included Larry Summers, Eric Schmidt, Larry Lessig and Eve Ensler. We are grateful to The Nantucket Project for its continuing support of our ministries. Click Image to view Video of Jeff’s Main-Stage Presentation. (17:27) 



Article: Our Ministry Featured in Business Insider   


Rachael Levy wrote a powerful article about our ministry, “This is what it’s like when the 1% go to jail, according to a couple that ministers to their families.” Publication date: July 27, 2016. Click image to read article.



Event: Courage & Faith Presents Bryan Stevenson at Christ Church Greenwich, CT 


Please join us as our friends at Courage & Faith and Christ Church Greenwich present one of the most influential criminal justice advocates in America. Sat., Sept. 24, 2016, 7 pm, 254 E. Putnam Ave. Greenwich, CT 06830. Click image for information and tickets.



Event: We Will Lead a White-Collar Work Session at the Methodist Reentry Conference Symposium in NYC

We will lead a white-collar work session on Sat., Oct. 1, 2016, 9:30 am to 4 pm at the United Methodist New York Annual Conference Board of Church and Society presents “I Was in Prison and You…” Conference Symposium at the Grace United Methodist Church, 125 West 104th Street, New York, NY. Please join us. Click image for more information.



Grant: ABCUSA Has Awarded Us A Grant To Help Struggling Families & For College Scholarships. Apply Now!

We are so grateful to the American Baptist Churches USA for awarding us a Matthew 25 $2000 grant to provide one-time stipends to individuals or families with white-collar or nonviolent incarceration issues to be used for short-term expenses and for college scholarships. Please feel free to email us if you require assistance. The funds will be administered by Rev. Hopeton Scott of the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport.  Click image for more information.


Donations: Thank You For Your Support & Generosity!
We are grateful for all donations made to our ministries. Donations can be made by Credit Card/PayPal or by sending your check payable to: “Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.” P.O. Box 1232, Weston, Connecticut 06883.  We are a CT Religious Corp. with 501(c)(3) status – all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.   

Contact Information:  
If transformation and redemption matter to you, a friend or a family member with a white-collar or nonviolent incarceration issue, please contact us and we will promptly send you an information package by mail, email or via Dropbox. The darkest days of a person’s life can be a time of renewal and hope.

Blessings, כן, מאוד

Jeff & Lynn Progressive Prison Project/Innocent Spouse & Children Project are missions of Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.  

Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 1232 
Weston, Connecticut 06883 
(o) 203-769-1096
Jeff Grant, JD, M Div, Director 
Lynn Springer, Founding Advocate,
Innocent Spouses, Children & Families
(m) 203-536-5508
Rev. Fr. Joseph Ciccone, Ed D, M Div
Supervising Minister
(201) 982-2206

Jacqueline Polverari, MBA, MSW, Advocate
Women’s Incarceration Issues
(203) 671-5139

George Bresnan, Advocate, Ex-Pats
(203) 609-5088

Jim Gabal, Development
(203) 858-2865

Babz Rawls Ivy, Media Contact
(203) 645-9278   

Faith & Dignity for the Days Ahead



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