An Amoeba About to Split

by Steve Bonenberger, Guest Blogger and Member of Our White Collar Support Group

Had an appointment yesterday. 

A poor Hispanic family. Many people residing under a small roof. Children and the two women who make it happen for this tiny family unit and keep their lives afloat. 

I pitched the deal. I did so with earnest care. For the family needs the help.

Their home boils in the summer time and freezes in the winters.

There should be an assistance program for them.


Then, I head over to my friend’s house. Wow. Pure and settled opulence greets me. 

This means: gated community that requires vetted entry. Houses that are really mansions. Cars that resemble Lexus and Tesla showrooms vs. what I drive and what the Hispanic ladies push around town in.

This means extravagance everywhere and lack nowhere.

This was my afternoon and evening stroll. 

Two worlds. I promise you that neither world knows the other one exists. And yet, God has me plowing inside of both homes.

I spent time with both families. I talked with them. I make each human encounter worthy of my ‘best effort’. 

What did I learn?

The United States of America is a deeply divided place that lives inside of the same amoeba. What concerns me, deeply concerns me…is that the amoeba is about to split. 




Steve Bonenberger is a member of our online white-collar/nonviolent support group that meets on Monday evenings, 7 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific.  For more information, click here.