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The First Confidential White Collar/Nonviolent

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This is a huge step in forming a community of individuals and families with white-collar and nonviolent incarceration issues. Our experience shows us that many of us are suffering in silence with shame, remorse, and deep regret. Many of us have been stigmatized by our own families, friends and communities, and the business community. Our goal is to learn and evolve into a new spiritual way of life centered on hope, care, compassion, tolerance and empathy, and then to reach out to offer all those suffering from these issues. In so doing, we will share our experiences, feelings and resources to help make the quality of each other’s lives more manageable. This is an important thing we are doing! 



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Career: Your Second Life Begins When YOU Realize You Only Have One!

“As we experience a huge life transformation due to accusations and convictions of our crimes, the immediate response is how did we get there?  Who are we?  Why me? One of the exercises in this book that I mention to you asks to take an inventory of all the things that you are grateful for.  I made a list from A-Z and placed it in my planner.  I read it every morning as a reminder of what I am grateful for and that THIS DOES define me.  Who am I?  Who are you? – we are not the events that we took part of because these events DO NOT define us.  Once we get past that awareness we are capable of being strong enough to look at ourselves in the mirror – this is where your job interview begins….” 

Criminal Justice Insider Radio with

    Babz Rawls Ivy & Jeff Grant

Criminal Justice Insider with Babz Rawls Ivy and Jeff Grant – The Voice of CT Criminal Justice – is broadcast live at 9 am (ET) on the first and third Friday of each month from the WNHH 103.5 FM studios in New Haven, live-streamed everywhere at It is also on live on Facebook Live (video) at It is rebroadcast on WNHH at 5 pm the same day. Find all of our shows archived on SoundCloud at An article about each show is published a few days later in the New Haven Independent (

“Giving back is the key to a second chance! I am grateful to the Woodbury Fire Department for the opportunity to serve as their volunteer Staff Chaplain.”

From Waterbury Republican-American: An ordained minister has joined the ranks of the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department as the company’s staff chaplain who will bring spiritual support and guidance to emergency responders, department officials said. Chief Janet Morgan issued the Rev. Jeff Grant his fire department ID this month, and said his role will be an important one…


“Breaking the Code”


St. George’s Episcopal Church

Arlington, Virginia

“Good morning. I am proud and honored to be here this morning as the Capstone presenter to St. George’s month of Opioids and Addiction learning and reflection.  A word of warning: if you came here this morning to hear a sermon you might be sorely disappointed.  Disappointed because I don’t do sermons. Instead, I give witness.  I give witness and testimony to how I overcame great life obstacles to find a new life of faith, purpose and happiness.  And to share with you some thoughts about how you, and everyone, can do so too….”

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