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April ’16 Newsletter
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From: Rev. Jeff Grant, Director, Lynn Springer, Founding Advocate
Progressive Prison Project/Innocent Spouse & Children Project April ’16 Newsletter 

Progressive Prison Project/ 

Innocent Spouse & Children Project
Faith & Dignity for the Days Ahead

Coming May 2016: Men of Faith
Cover Story 

White-Collar Ministry I Advocacy I Service

The first ministry in the United States created to provide confidential support and counseling to individuals, families and organizations with white-collar and other nonviolent incarceration issues. 

Op-Ed: To CT Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Our CT State Legislators  

To read Jeff’s Op-Ed responding to the CT’s Plan to Cut Funding for Prisoner Reentry, Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment, please click here

Grant: ABCUSA Has Awarded Us A Matthew 25 Grant To Help Struggling Families!   

We are so grateful to the American Baptist Churches USA for awarding us a $2000 grant to provide one-time stipends to individuals or families with white-collar or nonviolent incarceration issues to be used for short-term expenses. Please feel free to email us if you require assistance. The funds will be administered by Jeff’s Supervising Minister, Rev. Hopeton Scott of the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport.  Click here for more information. 

Event: We spoke at the Weston CT Kiwanis
We are grateful to the Weston Kiwanis for inviting us to speak about faith and dignity at its meeting on Sat., March 26, 2016. Click here to read the article about this event in the Weston Forum.  

Article: Our Ministries Featured in The Hour
To read Jeff Eydt’s powerful article for The Hour of March 26, 2016, “Ministry Counsels People Who Committed White-Collar Crimes,” please click here.   

Sermon: We Guest Preached on Good Friday at Christ & Holy Trinity, Westport, CT
We were honored to be among seven guest preachers at this special Good Friday service, March 25, 2016.

Upcoming Event: 8 State Re-Entry Reintegration Conference 

Please join us on May 6 & 7, 2016 in Stony Point, NY at this two-day faith-based conference centered on the trauma of incarceration as it relates to jobs, housing and family reintegration. We will be leading a white-collar breakout session. Organized, underwritten and sponsored by the Prison Ministry Network of the Synod of the Northeast of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Information: Click here to register. 

Event: Family ReEntry Spring Event At Grace Farms 

Please join us on Fri., June 10, 2016, at Grace Farms, New Canaan, CT, for “An Evening Focused On Advancing Justice In Our Community,” to benefit Family ReEntry (Jeff is on the Board of Family ReEntry) and the Connecticut Legal Rights Project.  For information and sponsorship opportunities, please click here or contact Milena Kotara, 203-290-0863,

Video: Jeff’s Main-Stage Presentation At The Nantucket Project

We are grateful to The Nantucket Project for its continuing support of our ministries. Click here to view Video of Jeff’s Main-Stage Presentation. (17:27)

Information Package:   


We are the first ministry in the United States created to provide confidential support and counseling to individuals, families and organizations with white-collar and other nonviolent incarceration issues. Please click here for our full information package.

Donations: Thank You For Your Support & Generosity!
We are grateful for all donations made to our ministries. Donations can be made by Credit Card/PayPal or by sending your check payable to:

“Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.” P.O. Box 1232, Weston, Connecticut 06883.  We are a CT Religious Corp. with 501(c)(3) status – all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.   

Contact Information:  
If transformation and redemption matter to you, a friend or a family member with a white-collar or nonviolent incarceration issue, please contact us and we will promptly send you an information package by mail, email or via Dropbox. The darkest days of a person’s life can be a time of renewal and hope. Progressive Prison Project/Innocent Spouse & Children Project are missions of Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.  

Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 1232 
Weston, Connecticut 06883 
(o) 203-769-1096
Rev. Jeff Grant, JD, M Div,
Lynn Springer, Founding Advocate, Innocent Spouses & Children
(m) 203-536-5508
George Bresnan, Advocate, Ex-Pats 
(m) 203-609-5088
Jim Gabal, Development 
(m) 203-858-2865
Babz Rawls Ivy, Media Contact 
(m) 203-645-9278

Faith & Dignity for the Days Ahead

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