Greenwich, CT – (March 31, 2020) – Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. proudly announces that it will be hosting its 200th consecutive weekly meeting of the world’s first and only confidential, online White Collar Support Group on Monday, April 13, 2020 at 7:00 pm ET, 6:00 pm CT, 5:00 pm MT, 4:00 pm PT.

Jeff Grant, J.D., M.Div., who co-founded and hosts the meeting, explained the significance of this milestone. “We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished together. When we started the group four years ago, we had a dream that people with white collar justice issues, who are living in isolation with shame, guilt, and fear, could form a supportive community to accept full responsibility for their behavior, make amends, and embrace new lives of compassion, empathy, kindness and accountability. Group members support one another and reach out to others suffering in silence.”

Each Monday evening, Progressive Prison Ministries hosts the 75-minute meeting online on Zoom through its popular criminal justice resource site

“Attendance is steadily increasing. We’ve had over 180 men and women participating from 25 different states – and Canada, South America and the Caribbean,” Grant said. “While everyone who participates in the forum has been prosecuted for a white collar crime, or is otherwise exiled from the economy, the group is solution-oriented and dedicated to understanding, encouragement, practical advice and resource sharing for long-term recovery and success.”

Several individuals from the group have volunteered their testimonials:

“This support group has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts, concerns and emotional trauma with a compassionate and understanding group of people who all traveled a similar journey…” – Jeffrey Abramowitz (PA)


“Finding the group was such a turning point for me as I was lost.  The group helped me with my immense feelings of guilt and how to overcome issues that I never knew would exist for me…” – Jacqueline Polverari (CT)


“I heard Jeff Grant interviewed on the Rich Roll podcast and knew I had to contact him, if nothing else, just to thank him for opening up and helping me realize that there are many others going through difficult situations…many, much worse than mine. He asked me to join the Monday night support group, telling me it’s the isolation that destroys us, and that the solution is in community…” Anonymous (OH)

Grant explained, “Most men and women, who have been prosecuted for white collar crimes, can’t go back to their old lives and careers, so what choice do they really have? Why not embrace a completely new life, with new options, and new opportunities centered on spirituality and doing the right things? The most fortunate are those who figure out that their attempts to solve problems in isolation are not working, and that they no longer have to go it alone.”

For those who would like to participate, Progressive Prison Ministries sends out weekly login instructions with a unique link for each week’s meeting. Participants choose to login on video via computer, tablet or smart phone, or audio only via phone.

Support group information and contact information is at

Those currently on supervised release, probation or parole, MUST first discuss participation in the group with their parole or probation officer.

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About Progressive Prison Ministries:

Established in 2012 in Greenwich, CT, Progressive Prison Ministries is the world’s first ministry serving the white collar/ economy exiled community. More information is available on its website at and on its social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

About Progressive Prison Ministries’ Co-Founders:

Co-founders Jeff Grant and Lynn Springer were featured in a twelve-page article in Greenwich Magazine “The Redemption of Jeff Grant”. After an addiction to prescription opioids and serving almost 14 months in a Federal prison for a white-collar crime he committed when he was a lawyer, Jeff began his own reentry – earning a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York City with a focus in Christian Social Ethics.

For additional information, contact:

Rev. Jeff Grant, J.D., M.Div., T: (203) 405-6249; E-Mail: