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 Our Body Can Be A Prison Or A Temple,
By Dominic Novak, Guest Blogger


 This guest blog is by our friend 
Dominic Novak, motivational speaker, 
author, lifestyle coach, 
fitness expert, spiritual leader, 
nutritional advisor, owner/CEO 
Peak Physique of Greenwich, 
50 Holly Hill Rd.. Greenwich, CT

As I write this blog I can relate to being a prisoner trapped inside my body as well as my body being the temple of God.  

187 weeks ago I had an amazing spiritual awakening.  Prior to that I had very little understanding of spirit and faith.  I lived in today’s world of face paced life style and having to be successful at all costs and achieve, achieve and achieve.  I spent 90% of my day in work with very little left over for my family, my spiritual growth and my personal development.   I was a personal trainer with a very successful business.  I had to be “on” 14-15 hours per day – high energy, motivation and inspiration.  At the end of the day I was exhausted completely spent from the high emotion of the day.  I was motivational in public, but depressed and an emotional wreck in private.  I was a captive to my life style.

I was consumed with fear, worry and anxiety because success was the pinnacle of my pyramid.  I could never make enough to satisfy my yearning for more.  I was prideful, selfish and had to do things my way.  My down turn came when the market began to crumble and people were backing away from my business.  I came to the resolution that I did not want to live my life like this anymore.
I remember what my father had said to me growing up, “son God will always be there for you.”  My father grew up in an orphanage where religion was a huge part of his life.  I just could not relate to him.  When major times of trouble hit my business I decided I had nothing to lose so I hit the floor and prayed to God to help me.  That was 187 weeks ago.

My life is completely different now.  Instead of having success as my pinnacle, I put myself into 4 quadrants during the day:  Career/community; Faith/God; Family/Friends; personal growth and development.  My life is filled with balance but the main difference is God is the pinnacle of my pyramid.  Where he leads me I follow.  My body is a temple for God’s work.  Instead of being a prisoner to my life and my sin, I’m a temple for God to live in me and live through me.  The spirit is awaken within me and I live to do great things for God’s glory.

This difference is startling to me.  As I lived captive of my success I was unhappy, unhealthy, fear and anxiety ridden.   Living with God as my temple I’m happy, healthy and excellence in all aspects of my life driven.  Believing in God is not a weakness; believing in God strengthens our weakness.

Dominic Novak

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