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Letter from Prison
by, Lee Guttierez – Guest Blogger
Lee Gutierrez is serving eight years hard time
 in the NYS prison system for a single DWI
 – an accident in which someone got hurt badly. 
We had one week with him before he reported 
to impart some spiritual principals of survival & 
success in prison.  Lee’s first two letters ,  

are two of  our most viewed blog posts.
Letter from Prison
Dear Rev. Jeff – 
So good to hear from you, your message is always inspiring. 
Thank you for sending the print out.  I appreciated your blog on the 2 books you recommend.  I appreciated your approach on spiritual healing, which you have experienced and what steps you have taken to become what God has meant for you to be. 
Your story starting with the comment from your Rabbi rings true, “Jews study and Christians pray.”  Since my incarceration 5 months [now 9] ago, I too have been studying the Bible.  In conversations with my fellow believers of the Lord.  The message of God in the Old Testament has been revealed by laws as traditions.  The parable have opened my mind and spirit to the way God wants us to be and how to live with others.  Through our covenants with God and his need for obedience, we study His law for the 1st time like children.  A large part of the the Old Testament runs through the Torah; one of the holy books of Judaism. 
The New Testament for me translates that we should speak with God through his son, Jesus.  He will provide for us and all we need to do is call on him.  Through prayer we Christians have a spiritual dialogue with God.  We must follow his word and he will show us the way. 
I am glad you enjoyed my poems.  I am attempting to open myself up in many literary ways.  I do have other works in progress, hopefully they will have a similar effect. It brings me joy to think I am helping others in a small way.
God works in mysterious ways!   Living in the fast paced world a you do and spending countless hours to help others. It must be very difficult to squeeze in time to “smell the roses.”  So these vortex storms seem to have provided the downtime you need to rejuvenate and spend quality time with your loved ones. Time is so precious and spending it with loved ones is what God intended.  Enjoy it when you can :).
Time here has picked up, since early January I have been attending the culinary program.  Starting at 6 am till 1:30 pm Monday through Friday.  My weeks have been gliding more at a pace I am accustomed to. That and with other activities; recreation, Catholic services and A.A. meetings.  My days are filled giving relief to my solitude and loneliness.  God truly listens when you open your heart to him. 
These past months have awarded me time to reflect.  Reflect on my life, to study the history of my alcoholic downfall.  I have used consumption to bury deep within me my spiritual shortcomings, low self esteem and insecurities.  Analyzing my childhood, it seems I felt insecure and self doubt at an early age. Later in my journey, when alcohol was introduced it pacified me and coated my spirit with false strength and pride. I am now piecing together my findings into a short story and will present it to you soon. 
God bless you and your crusade to free people from themselves, showing them a different view of life and helping them to achieve it.  I will write again soon and look forward to hearing from you. 
Your friend,  
Lee Gutierrez


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