Progressive Prison Project 

Greenwich, Connecticut

I received the letter below from a friend who understands the value of sharing his experience with others.
April 15, 2013

Dear XXX, 
Thinking about & praying for you. It’s all going to be completely different than anything you could possibly imagine. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities. Stay in the moment at all times. Keep the focus on yourself – practice mindfulness as you go about your routine of mind, body & spirit. Honor respect above all.  Slow down & be a quiet observer – listen five times more than you speak.  Everything will be all right. God is watching out for you and we are all in your corner.  With radical respect, acceptance and dignity for you and your journey, Jeff

Can you please check out my blog.  If it works for you, kindly write a me a letter that I can post.  It can be anonymous or not. 


Jeff Grant

Jeff Grant, JD, M Div                                                                                    

Director, Progressive Prison Project                                                          

Associate Minister/Director of Prison Ministries                                               

First Baptist Church of Bridgeport Connecticut            


(203) 339-5887

April 29, 2013

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for all of the help and insight you gave me when I was preparing for my incarceration.  It is hard to believe I’ve been here for almost two weeks.  Time has flown.  I’ve spent the last two weeks getting acclimated and doing lots of watching.  There have been moments when I’ve said too much but I’ve stopped speaking when I realized it.  There have been no major events.  One guy thought I was a cop & kept trying to call me out.  I’ve kept my cool, my language simple (most of the time), spent the majority of the time reading on my bed.  My goals are below:

Mind: work on book about Destructive Thinking, read 2 books/week, watch Maury Povich.

Body: work out 5x week (upper 2 days, lower 2 days, abs 5 days).

Spirit: Go to church services, Bible study, read the Bible.

Although I’m incarcerated I don’t feel trapped or imprisoned. My mind is free & actively thinking about the future.  I’ve embraced my incarceration & used it as a turning point.  Gone are the days of Investment Banking & in come the days of doing something substantial with my life.  My first priority when I’m released is to attend a victim action panel, do my 200 hours of community service, pay my fine, do whatever my parole/probation officer asks me to do.  My release date will be no later than XXX, baring any bad behavior.  It could be as early as XXXXX.

The areas I’m going to initially explore during my life after jail are jobs in alcohol & drug rehab, learning more about destructive thinking, comedy, music, diet & exercise.  The most fulfilling one for me, as of today, are doing something with my knowledge of addiction and comedy.  I’ll need to go back to school for more education if I choose the addiction route.  My undergraduate & graduate GPA is around X.X, so I’m worried about what kind of post-graduate programs I can attend.  I also don’t know if my Felony will affect my application or if I’ll be allowed to apply.  Any insight would be appreciated.

That’s it for me today.  I’m currently in the XXXXXX of the XXXXXXXX prison.  It is nice.  The windows open & you can look through them.  It is much better then XXXXXXXXX.  It looks like I’ll be transferred to XXXXXXX some time in the next 30 days.  Check the website for my movements, enter my inmate number if you want to track my movements.  Let me know if you want to visit.  

Best regards,