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The Center for Ethical Training and Transformation – U.S. (CETTUS)

While our primary purpose is to provide spiritual and related support and care to individuals and families, we recognize that most come to us with overarching and urgent legal issues. For this reason, we endeavor to provide information, documentation and guidance to attorneys in the form and format as they may require.

As a program run by ordained clergy, conversations and communications between us and those we serve fall under clergy privilege laws. This is one reason that attorneys often allow and encourage their clients to maintain relationships with us while in active prosecution or litigation situations.

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“Where there is hope, there is faith.  Where there is faith, miracles happen.  In the midst of severe adversity and trauma, a support group that focuses on healing, raising mental health awareness and providing hope for a new chance at life is the miracle that entered into my life.  It is clearly evident that Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. is committed to changing and inspiring lives of those who have fallen and are committed to becoming stronger through their failures.  I could not be the strong person I am without the intellectual and strong-minded friends who have reinstilled hope and a sense of value in me.  They have become like family to me during the most tragic event in my life. Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. is a coalition of forward-thinking individuals and leaders who are committed to lifelong wellness, belonging, and making a true impact in this world.  Through this support network, increasing our sense of safety, security and belonging and serving without judgement is made possible.  We learn to trust how we feel by sharing our stories.  This organization is an essential social support so one does not feel isolated in the worst possible stigmatized situation.  Every day we have the choice to support our body and mind’s healing response or undermines it.  Being a part of Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. is one of the most important steps I have taken to begin my own healing process while helping others and giving back through the power of human connection.  It’s essential to be present “here and now” as I enter into a new life.  My failures have allowed me to open up my eyes and see what is most important in life.  I couldn’t do it without the genuine compassion and care through the inspirational, spiritual and powerful meetings that bring the power of people together at Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.”  – Anonymous, Missouri

“Jeff is my ombudsman – he has been a life saver for me!  I unfortunately found myself in “no man’s land” with a young, career oriented prosecutor, a notoriously tough Federal judge, and jaded, but well connected, criminal defense attorneys  My case, still ongoing after 3 years, is in a highly complex and technical area of unsettled law where no one seems to actually know (or worse, care) what the law actually is or means.   Jeff has been invaluable to me with striking the right balance of pushing my attorneys to do their job, understanding my case, and standing up for me – but not pushing too far and blowing up these delicate negotiations.  Jeff has also helped me cope with the broken “justice” system where extreme unfairness, brutality, and incompetence is a daily occurrence.  Furthermore, my legal problems have resulted in very complex tax issues.  Jeff went above and beyond by finding a possible solution that my expensive tax attorneys missed, but later agreed Jeff’s suggestion was a valid one.  My biggest regret is not working with Jeff sooner than I did – I may have not pled guilty if I was working with him from the start.  Bottom line – if you have any reservations regarding your attorneys and want an honest assessment from an extremely smart former attorney who really cares about you and isn’t in it just for the money, Jeff Grant has to be the best person in the country for you.  I can’t recommend him enough!” – Matt L., Colorado

“Jeff Grant is different.  He has a pragmatic, objective understanding of criminal justice issues, and more importantly, he is suffused with a spiritual understanding of the holistic emotional and values-driven issues that affect decision-making & healing through this journey.  I sincerely believe that if I had met Jeff early in my case – before I had moved past the point of no return – I would not have pled guilty, the government would not and could not have indicted me, and my life today would be completely different. Equally important, Jeff’s spiritual counsel has helped me re-orient the compass of my life, re-discover my principles and realize my own personal truth.  He wears many hats – he is a spiritual counselor, a life coach, a critical thinker (including about the roles of defense attorneys) and most important of all, is a friend.” – Anonymous, Awaiting Sentencing, Illinois

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