Meredith Atwood, Author & Speaker: I don’t have tons of money to donate. I don’t have genius smarts to contribute to science or financial wisdom in this time of crisis. ⁠

👉But I have a podcast, a book and a small platform to extend to anyone who is feeling rocked, lonely, sad or stuck.❤️

I am here. 😊 That is what I (and so may others) are trying to do during this time. Reach out, give time, energy, kindness and a safe place where people can come to SEE others (via Zoom: the Daily Community Meeting:, or listening to comforting words: The Same 24 Hours Podcast (always available via your favorite podcast app, or ⁠

☀️This morning, I spoke with my friend, Jeff Grant Rev. Jeff Grant – who I met last year after he was a guest on Rich Roll’s podcast. Jeff was a guest on my pod (Episode 112), and we have essentially become friends. ⁠

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I value this man’s work, story, and heart SO MUCH. I am glad to hear his comforting words, wisdom and insight during this time.⁠

About Jeff:Jeff is an ordained minister with over three decades of experience in crisis management, business, law, reentry, recovery (clean & sober 16+ years), and executive & religious leadership. After an addiction to prescription opioids and serving almost fourteen months in a Federal prison for a white-collar crime he committed when he was a lawyer, Jeff started his own reentry – earning a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary.⁠

He, and his wife and partner-in-ministry Lynn Springer, then co-founded Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. (Greenwich, CT), the first ministry in the United States created to provide confidential support and pastoral care to individuals, families and organizations with white-collar and other nonviolent incarceration issues.⁠

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Instagram: @RevJeffGrant