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How To Overcome 
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Press Release: A Video
 By Justin Paperny – Guest Blogger  

We were introduced to our guest blogger, prison
 consultant Justin Paperny, by our friend Walt Pavlo,
 the Forbes white-collar correspondent, and by Brian Jorgenson, our ministee who is currently serving
 a two-year sentence for a white-collar crime at
 FCI Herlong in California.  I’ve spent some time
 talking with Justin and have found him to be
 insightful and dedicated to helping our community.
 We do not have experience in referring ministees
 to Justin and thus cannot yet endorse him or his consultancy. The video he has submitted offers 
important information to our readers. 
Thank you, Justin. – Jeff

Video: How To Overcome a Department of Justice Press Release   

I’d like to thank Jeff Grant for this opportunity to introduce myself to the readers of

Quickly, for some background, my name is Justin Paperny. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California and a former stockbroker who built my career at Bear Stearns, and  then at UBS.

I am also a convicted felon.  Several years into my career, I began making bad decisions on behalf of a hedge fund client who was a running a Ponzi Scheme.  I surrendered to prison in 2008, and was released to three years of supervised release in 2009.

As a result of my shortsightedness and poor judgment, I created victims, embarrassed my family, ruined my career, endured the indignities of prison, and like many of the white-collar offenders I coach, was forced to endure the reality of having the government plaster my misdeeds all over the Internet for my friends and family to read.

To my last point, and for purposes of this guest blog, I wanted to share a video I made addressing the realities of having the Government issue that dreaded press release. Perhaps readers of prisonist.orgwill find value in the strategies I offer to deal with the government’s narrative of events.

While the initial reaction might be to want to run and hide from our conviction or press release, experience convinces me that embracing the reality of the situation and owning it are two essential steps to overcoming the obstacles any offender faces. And contrary to what others might tell you (including many of the prisoners with whom I served time), speaking openly about our culpability, along with the steps we are taking to make amends, can go along way towards restoring our name and growing our network.

Again, I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this forum. I hope you find value in this video I title: How To Overcome A Department Of Justice Press Release


Justin Paperny
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