Reverend Jeff Grant wrote a powerful post on his blog,, announcing that the Progressive Prison Project/Innocent Spouse & Children Project  in Greenwich, CT, for the first time in United States history, obtained a recovery from a U.S. Receiver for an innocent spouse after her personal assets had been frozen by federal authorities.  The seizure of assets was the result of her husband being a defendant in a financial crime case.

In a recent blog, Grant spoke of the plight of innocent spouses and children of white-collar criminals:

“There are innocent mothers and children suffering in silence in this country.  In hiding places you are least likely to suspect.  Their family names have been blazoned across headlines.  Their children have been taunted, ridiculed and bullied at school.  Their friends have abandoned them.  They are whispered about, pointed at and disdained.  They have been shunned in their churches, synagogues, and civic organizations.  They cannot afford to feed themselves without food stamps, or to heat their homes without state aid.  They sit with the blinds and curtains drawn – waiting for the day their homes will be sold out from under them.”

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