Family ReEntry Behavioral Health

Intensive Outpatient Program

Bridgeport & New Haven

 We welcome all IOP referrals 

Family ReEntry Behavioral Health
Intensive Outpatient Program

Our best-practices Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
is available in Bridgeport and New Haven.

The program is 12 weeks, 3 days per week, 3 hours per day.

Clients come to Family ReEntry for an intake and full assessment. Assistance with enrollment will be provided to clients eligible for Medicaid (HUSKY). Licensed clinicians will determine the most appropriate level of care and treatment for each client – a tailored approach is based on the RNR principles of risk, needs, and responsivity.

As required and appropriate, individualized monthly progress reports and the results of any toxicology reports are shared with authorized supervisory agencies (e.g. Parole, Probation). Timely notifications of noncompliance with applicable stipulations are standard practice.

Services Provided:
Intake and Assessment by Licensed Clinicians
Intensive Outpatient Services
Individual, Couple, Group and Family Therapy
IOP utilizing Matrix model for Criminal Justice
Medicaid Eligible Clients (HUSKY) accepted
Urinalysis on site
Individualized Monthly Progress Reports to Referral Source
as required and appropriate

The goal of Family ReEntry is to meet the behavioral health needs of our clients and also provide a positive and empowering experience that will assist them with their reintegration into the community. This treatment helps to reduce recidivism and support families and communities.

 We welcome all IOP referrals
For more information please contact:

Bridgeport location:
75 Washington Avenue, Bridgeport, CT
 Tel.  203-290-0873  Fax: 203-908-4618  

New Haven location:
50 Fitch Street, New Haven, CT
Tel.   203-361-9166   Fax: 203-691-9672  

Our Mission
Family ReEntry’s mission is to lead in the development and delivery of effective solutions that empower individuals and strengthen families impacted by the criminal justice system.

Our Vision
Healthy Supportive Communities Free from Crime and Violence
Strong Resilient Individuals and Family/Relational Systems
To Create Social Innovation
To Develop and Operate Effective Programs
To Inform Policy and Practice with Sound Research
To Provide Education and Advocacy
Please feel free to contact me to discuss any behavioral health or criminal justice issues.



Jeff Grant, JD, M Div 
Executive Director (interim)
Family ReEntry, Inc. 
75 Washington Avenue 
Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604 
(office) 203-290-0855 
(mobile) 203-957-0162 
(personal mobile) 203-339-5887