Rewriting The Sentence II Summit

rewriting the sentence sentence summit

The two-day conference ‘Rewriting the Sentence II Summit on Alternatives to Incarceration’ held in the Dorothy Betts Pavilion on the campus of George Washington University, presented a cross section of significant names with a stake in reforming sentencing within the American Justice System. I rushed into the pavilion five minutes ahead of the start of … Read more

My First Day at Alderson FPC

This is based on my experience reporting to the Alderson, WV Camp during Covid. Other self-surrender experiences may differ. I knew my first day would be very stressful due to all the unknowns, so I arrived early. When I arrived at the gate, there was a phone on the wall with instructions to dial for … Read more

Tuesday Speaker Series: Prof. Doug Berman, Sentencing Law & Policy Expert

We were honored to have Doug Berman as the October speaker in our White Collar Support Group Tuesday Speaker Series.  Among other important topics, Prof. Berman discussed the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s recent sentencing guidelines revisions for certain first time offenses including a two-point reduction, noncustodial sentences and retroactivity. And there was an extensive Q&A! Professor … Read more

Repairing Search Results Following White Collar Legal Trouble

After you’ve been involved in a legal case, your Google search results may be overwhelming to the point where you wonder if your online reputation will ever recover.  You may have had conversations with search specialists who promise the moon in exchange for an exorbitant fee, or spent serious time watching supposedly-instructional YouTube videos. And … Read more

My First Weeks in the Residential Drug Abuse Program

I was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison in January 2022 and was designated to Alderson Federal Prison Camp. I reported on February 28, 2022. Based upon my allocution, the judge made a recommendation RDAP as part of my Judgment and Commitment. RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Program), is a 500-hour Bureau of Prisons substance … Read more

How Do First Step Act (FSA) Earned Time Credits Work?

What Is The First Step Act? The First Step Act is a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill signed into law in December 2018. The Act focuses on reducing recidivism by expanding educational and vocational programs and granting inmates early release credits (FSA Time Credits, aka FTC) for participating in these programs. It also includes provisions to ease mandatory minimum sentences for … Read more

Holidays in Federal Prison – Book Excerpt

“What are holidays like in prison?” It’s a big and important question because so many fears course through our minds as we walk this path, and this is one of them. So much so, I dedicated a chapter to it in “Blank Canvas, How I Reinvented My Life After Prison.” An important aspect of a … Read more