Poem: Louis the Coin, by Ravi Shankar

Louis the Coin Ravi Shankar ____________ Decades before a cadre of Secret Service agents and New Jersey gaming troopers surveilled, busted him in the parking garage of Caesars Atlantic City with a Milano red Honda Civic with a trunk stuffed full of eight hundred lbs. of counterfeit casino chips (plus cash, an unregistered handgun), you … Read more

Business Insider: How a Lawyer Who Went to Prison for 9/11-related Fraud got his Law License Back and Became an Ordained Minister Along the Way

By Peter Coutu. Reprinted from BusinessInsider.com, July 27, 2021 After nearly two decades without practicing, Jeff Grant got his law license back this May. He served over a year in prison for lying about office space to get federal relief money after 9/11. He then went to seminary and opened a ministry serving white-collar defendants. … Read more

Reuters: Jeff Grant ‘Let Go of the Outcome’: How this Felon Beat Addiction and Won Back his Law License

By Jenna Greene, Reprinted from Reuters.com, May 21, 2021 When lawyers through greed or hubris or desperation become white-collar criminals – sent to prison and disbarred – their stories often feel like car crashes. We gape at the wreckage of their lives and move on. But what happens afterwards, once they’ve done their time? How … Read more

Book Excerpt: Madoff Talks by Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell has been an incredible friend to the white collar justice community, bringing unbiased and non-sensationalized truth and light to complicated subject matter. He has brought compassion and empathy to people going through the most difficult times of their lives – without ever compromising his journalistic integrity. I have had the grace and good … Read more

Interview with Brian Cuban, Author of the Book, “The Addicted Lawyer: Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow and Redemption”

Podcast Ep. 27, Guest: Brian Cuban, The Addicted Lawyer Today on the podcast we have Brian Cuban, author of the book, The Addicted Lawyer: Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow and Redemption. If Brian’s last name sounds familiar it’s because, yes, he is billionaire Mark Cuban’s brother. But believe me, that’s about the least interesting … Read more

Thinking About PPP Fraud? Hannah Smolinski, Founder & CEO of Clara CFO Group, Interviews Jeff Grant About Going to Prison for SBA Loan Fraud

This was one of the most useful and informative interviews about SBA loan fraud I’ve ever given, and certainly one of my favorite. In this video, I was interviewed by Hannah Smolinski, CPA, Founder & CEO of The Clara CFO Group and Upside Financial Senior Advisor. Hannah’s expertise as a small business virtual CFO brought … Read more