American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section Fall Institute, Washington, DC, Open to All

Please join us for the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Fall Institute on Friday, November 3, 2023 at the Madison Hotel, 1177 15th Street, Washington, DC. Last year, 15 Fellow Travelers attended this conference together and then we all went out to Carmine’s Italian Restaurant for an evening of camaraderie, stories, laughter – and great … Read more

Podcast: Jeff Grant on the Beyond the Balance Sheet Podcast, “From Prison to Promise – A Lawyer’s Story”

Please check out my interview on Beyond The Balance Sheet with hosts, Diana Clark & Arden O’Connor of the O’Connor Professional Group – Behavioral Health Navigation. The podcast discusses the important mix of legal and psychological training advisors need to serve their clients best. Link:…/from-prison-to-promise-a…/ “Jeff Grant possesses an intriguing narrative that he candidly recounts. … Read more

Jeff Grant Interviewed on the Financial Clarity with Hannah Smolinski Podcast: “From Law Practice to Prison and Back Again.”

Jeff Grant is the Founder of Grant Law, a unique firm committed to providing private general counsel services for individuals and families dealing with white-collar prosecutions and regulatory proceedings. Following a personal journey that included overcoming addiction and serving federal prison time for a white-collar crime, Jeff emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and … Read more

Podcast: Fellow Traveler Jeff Grant on the UnYielded Podcast with Bobbi Kahler

Reprinted from, March 30, 2022 “Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Also, Life can be fraught with numerous drawbacks. However, regardless of what happens, the most critical aspect is rising again. My guest for today has a life story that is worth discussing. After developing an addiction to prescription opioids and serving … Read more

Rich Roll Podcast: MasterClass on Addiction & Recovery, 10 Powerful Stories feat. Jeff Grant

Watch on YouTube From Rich Roll Thanksgiving is a time of celebration. But for many, it’s opening day on a season that proves extremely difficult for millions of people who struggle with addiction. A recovering alcoholic myself, I’ve danced with that darkness. Tasted the desperation. And felt the loneliness. Time and again I failed at … Read more

Podcast: Lessons on Life from Former White Collar Criminal Jeff Grant on The Sydcast, with Prof. Sydney Finkelstein of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

This is perhaps my most incisive podcast ever (at least I think so). How could it not be, as I was interviewed by Prof. Sydney Finkelstein of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. A must-listen if you and/or someone you care about have been prosecuted for a white collar crime. – Jeff ________________________ … Read more