I Found Freedom After Prison Inside My Story

By: Craig Stanland “Man, I’ve never seen anyone present with such raw, naked vulnerability.” It’s only thirty seconds after delivering a talk in downtown Brooklyn, and I’m a little caught off guard and humbled. I just laid bare my past: prison, loss, suicide ideation, and the path I took back to myself. I smile as … Read more

One Simple Tool That Reinvented My Mindset After Prison

By: Craig Stanland Are you living in the truth? Or are you living in the story? This came up for a client recently, threatening to stop them from doing something that brought them joy and empowerment. Here’s what I’m talking about and why it matters. There are two ways this shows up in our lives: … Read more

Our Terrifying Desire To Be Seen, Heard, And Understood.

stanland terrifying desire

By: Craig Stanland There was one Super Bowl commercial that hit me. I enjoyed a bunch of them, for sure, but there was one that struck a chord. That it struck a chord speaks to one of our deepest human desires, and that desire connects to living authentically. I have terrible eyesight and have since … Read more

Holidays in Federal Prison – Book Excerpt

“What are holidays like in prison?” It’s a big and important question because so many fears course through our minds as we walk this path, and this is one of them. So much so, I dedicated a chapter to it in “Blank Canvas, How I Reinvented My Life After Prison.” An important aspect of a … Read more